How To Write SEO Friendly Article – 10 Tips In 2023


How to write SEO friendly article?

Today we are giving you complete information about it in this article. How to write SEO friendly article? And how to rank the article at the top of the search engine?If you want to rank all the articles of your blog at the top of the search engine, then for this you have to write SEO Friendly Articles.The main purpose of writing SEO Friendly Article is to optimize the blog article according to the search engine. So that search engines can easily understand and rank your content.

SEO friendly articles are those articles, which we optimize according to the search engine so that our article can rank at the top of the search engine.Writing articles is a bit difficult for everyone at the time of starting, and in such a situation writing SEO friendly articles is even more challenging.But after reading this article, you will learn to write SEO friendly articles. Because here we are sharing 20+ tips about it with you.By following all these tips, you can easily write SEO friendly articles. So let’s know how to write 20+ Tips SEO Friendly Article.

1) Keyword Research

Whenever you think of writing an article, before that do a proper and good research of the topic and keywords. Before writing an article, you have to know the topic on which topic you want to write an article.After knowing the topic, you have to do keyword research related to that topic. If you write an article without keyword research, then you cannot optimize that article.If you want to rank your article at the top of the search engine, then you have to do keyword research before writing the article.The better you use keywords in your article, the better will be the quality of the content of your article. But your article will be optimized as much.Most new bloggers completely ignore keyword research, and do not consider it necessary, which is their biggest mistake. You cannot rank any article without keywords. That’s why it is very important to do keyword research.

2) Keyword in Title

Make sure to keep the main keyword in the title of your article. And try to use the keyword at the beginning of the title. This will optimize your title for the search engine.Use power words in the title like – top, best, instant, fast, quick, powerful, amazing, ultimate, extreme, etc. Also use numbers like – top 10, 11+, 20+, 51+, 101+ best, etc.Do not keep the length of the title more than 60 – 70 characters. Always write the title in such a way that the user gets attracted as soon as he sees it and he is forced to click.To write SEO friendly article, you have to use keywords on the title of your article. Always use long tail keywords and avoid using short tail keywords.

3) Use Keyword in First & Last Paragraph

If you want your article to rank at the top of the search engine, then for this you have to add keywords in the title as well as in the first and last paragraphs of your content.But you also have to take special care that you write your keywords in a natural way. Do not write Kevat intentionally repeatedly in your content.This is against Google’s guidelines. Due to this, your blog reads negative impact in the eyes of the search engine. So don’t use keywords repeatedly

4) Keyword in Heading & Subheadings (H2, H3, H4)Apart from the title in your article, you also have to use heading and subheadings in a proper way. Let us tell you that in all the articles of the block, it is necessary to pay attention to the title as well as heading and subheadings.As you would know that the title (h1), heading (h2) and subheadings (h3, h4) of the article are in the tag. Just as it is important for the title to be seo friendly, in the same way it is very important for headings and subheadings to be seo friendly.Therefore, along with the title of your article, you have to use the keyword in the heading and subheadings as well.Most of the readers read only the heading and sub-heading in the article and there are very few readers who read the rest of the content. In such a situation, if you want readers to read your entire content, then you have to write seo friendly as well as catchy heading and subheading.That’s why you have to use keywords in this. And try to keep the keyword at the beginning of the heading. This makes the seo of the article even better.

5) Keyword in Permalink

If you create a link to your article, that is, if you create a permalink, then you have to add the main keyword of your topic in that too.You also have to optimize the permalink of your article according to the search engine. If you write anything in the permalink, then your article will not be able to rank in the search engine.That’s why whenever you write an article, then definitely write the keyword in its permalink. And always keep permalink short.You cannot use space to separate the words written in the permalink of your article, so here you have to use high pin (-) to separate the words.

6) Keyword in Meta Description

Meta Description is a brief overview of the content of your article which compels visitors to click on your article.If you want to get more views on your article, then for this you have to pay more attention to your title as well as meta description and optimize it.To optimize the meta description better, you have to use the main keyword and focus keyword of your article title.If you use targeted keywords and related keywords in the meta description, then your article can be at the top of the search engine. And those keywords become bold in the search results, which attract the attention of the visitors.

7) Article Write in Short Paragraphs

Write your article in short paragraphs. Avoid writing long paragraphs. Because having too long paragraphs, the reader starts getting bored and gets kicked out of the site.Tell me, if you are given a page, in which the whole page is filled with only one paragraph, would you feel like reading it? Won’t do it at all.On the other hand, if the content written on the same page is written in 10 small paragraphs, then you will be able to read it easily. And your mind will also be engaged in reading.That’s why always write articles in small paragraphs. End a paragraph in only 3 lines. And if it is happening more than 3, then keep a paragraph of maximum 4 lines. Never do more than this.

8) Don’t Do Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing means deliberately writing a keyword repeatedly in your article. If you do this, then understand that your article will never be able to rank on the first page of the search engine.If you think that writing excessive keywords will boost your blog’s search ranking, then you are absolutely wrong. This reduces the ranking of your content even more.By doing Keyword Stuffing, your article becomes spam, unnatural and useless. Keep the keyword density 0.5% to 1.5% in your article.You can read google webmaster’s guidelines to know more about Keyword Stuffing.

9) Write High Quality Content

If there is life in your content, then if not today then tomorrow your content will definitely rank at the top of the search engine, and you will also get traffic from that content.You must have heard “Content is the King”. Content is everything in blogging. If you want to get success in blogging then you should come to write high quality content.Content should always be written keeping the user in mind. Write the content in such a way that the user after reading it thinks that he got what he wanted.How to write High Quality Content? We have already written a detail article on this, in which we have explained step by step in detail. You must read this article.

10) Create Original & Unique Content

The article should always be original and unique, you have to take care of this the most. Whenever you write an article, share your ideas and experience in it. Never copy even a single word of anyone.Let us tell you that Google and other search engines also like original and unique content and rank them as well. So if you want your content to rank at the top of the search engine, then you must always write original and unique content.Whenever you write an article, before that do a good research about that article and get information. You can read and analyze top rank articles through search engines and take ideas from there.But never think of copying anyone’s content at all. Rather try to write better than them. And keep the content absolutely original and unique.

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