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How to make money with Google Web Stories in 2023-


One of the newest ways to make money is via monetizing Google Web Stories. This article on Online Story Ads describes how to make money from web stories.

An overview of Google Web Stories

A web story is a collection of engaging photos or videos. These stories are mobile-friendly, mobile-trappable, and mobile-optimized. They resemble the stories shared on social media. Web stories are meant to deliver succinct information as rapidly as possible.

An organization’s brand is solely responsible for conceptualising and carrying out Web stories. Facebook and Instagram do not have the same limitations as other social networking sites.

AMP stories were once known as Web Stories until Google introduced them in 2015. The project never gained traction or continued. Social media tales have altered online user behaviour in recent years. Google will replace AMP stories with Google Web Stories starting in October 2020. In India, Brazil, and the US, they did so.

What Google Web Stories Offers

Although you will have complete ownership of the tales, having them on your website will provide you an edge. Instagram and Facebook do not have a deadline that is 24 hours in length. It becomes simpler to reach a larger audience. It is also feasible to increase your SEO with simple indexing. You may also monitor how well your online articles are performing by using Google Analytics. You can also instantly notify users using the Live Story feature.

Google Web Stories may help brands and marketers make money too!

Web Stories Ads occur in what places and how?

A total of 500 million individuals visit Instagram stories every day. If you’re one of them, you probably came across sponsored advertisements. According to data from Hootsuite, 50% of consumers visit the websites of goods or services they saw in advertisements. Therefore, businesses should use Instagram stories advertising.

These lengthy commercials are jam-packed with entertaining material. It is visible to the user in a Web Story. How many pages you view and how long you stay on the website will determine this. A Web Story will therefore receive more impressions the longer it is. The benefit of Web Stories Ads is that you receive 100% of the sales.

Story ad formats

Brands can publish a range of story adverts through web articles.

  1. Display Ads – A display ad promotes a website of an advertiser. They can be produced using text, audio, video, or image files.
  1. Affiliate Links, which are swipe-up call-to-action advertisements. On Web Stories, page attachments are available. To point users to affiliate sites, you may also include links. Limit the number of affiliate links you include in each story.
  2. Brand Agreements Make a tale that reads like an advertisement. To achieve this, highlight your goods or services.

How may Google Web Stories be most effectively made money?

Any kind of advertisement can be used with Google Web Stories to generate income. It is an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)-compliant HTML advertisement. Speeding up mobile loading improves user experience. Support is given by numerous advertising networks. Web Story Ads can be made with the use of two programmes: AdSense and Google Ad Manager.

Google suggests the third-party app Make Story. The tool also enables Google Web Stories monetization.

Following these three easy steps will help:

  1. Sign up for Make Stories
  2. Preferences > General
  3. Setting up your advertising enables you to make money off of your ads. You have a few choices: making a bespoke ad, using Google AdSense, or using Google Ad Manager.

How to write web story ads effectively

Web Story ads are mobile-optimized for full-page experiences and leverage AMP technology. Before making one, you should be aware of the following.

Web story advertisements employ AMP technology. The end result is a full-page design that is mobile-friendly.
The dimensions of stories must fit the vertical format.
Produce interesting and original stuff. Raise the bar on your advertisement design!
Verify that the AMP HTML requirements are accurate.
A clear Call-To-Action should be present in the advertisement.
Web Stories are simple to make, especially if you’ve done it before on social media. The steps listed below will help you create a Web Story Ad:

  1. Use the proper tool to create web stories
  2. Construct a plot outline.
  3. Improve the visuals
  4. Write the narrative
  5. Make your story public.

Consider Make Stories if you’re a novice or expert. Bloggers may easily produce web tales thanks to simple features.

Monitoring of performance for Story Ads

Depending on the ad network you select, you can monitor the performance of your advertisement. You may monitor Google Ads by using Google Analytics. You may evaluate the effectiveness of your ad story using Google AdSense’s visual ad report.

Here are some standards for evaluating the effectiveness of Web Story Ads:

  1. Estimated Compensation

(2) Page Views

Three Page RPM

  1. Astonishments
  2. Impressions per minute

Six. Clicks

  1. The total income

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