Best 4 Finger Claw BGMI/Pubg Mobile Gyroscope With Sensitivity Settings In 2022

Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile Gyroscope With Sensitivity In 2021 | Pubg 4 Finger Control Claw. In this video we share best 4 finger paw pubg portable. Pubg Mobile 4 finger hook setting. Additionally share zero force awareness settings so ensure you canread this post begin to end.

As you probably are aware in this post I will give you my 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile control code + awareness. I will likewise atteched some screen capture and furthermore share some control code and awareness code.

This article will illuminate players about the best four-finger hook arrangement that they can use while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.
So ensure you can peruse this article cautiously.

Assuming players work on their point, precision and all-over interactivity, they should track down the controls design that suits them best. The four-finger paw set-up is frequently viewed as the most ideal decision as players can move, bounce, hunch, and shoot at the same time.
Players should recollect that simply replicating the above settings won’t work on their interactivity. They should make a beeline for the preparation grounds to rehearse to become accustomed to the set-up.

Note: In request to duplicate the given design, players should open Battlegrounds Mobile India and head over to the control settings.

Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile in 2021

So presently I will give you Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg control code and responsiveness code.

Design 1 – 6974-6998-1946-2820-026 ( New Today )
Design 2 – 6960-4897-8808-0654-298
Design 3 – 6960-4897-8808-0564-299

If those code not work Properly, I will atteched some screen capture of my control and awareness so kindly reorder.

Sensitivity Code – 6960-4897-8808-0564-300

So this is my 4 finger hook control code and awareness code reorder and partake in the game.

This is my 3 layout just see and copy if control code dosen’t work. Now i will share my sensitivity setting screenshot below


4 Finger Claw Control + Sensitivity Screenshot

If those code dose not work, i will atteched some screenshot of my control and sensitivity so please copy and paste. Screenshot’s is below and if you have any quires and isses so please let e know in comment.

Now i will share my sensitivity setting screenshot below.

Camera Sensitivity Settings

This sensitivity in Battlegrounds Mobile India is about the camera’s angle when players swipe their screen without shooting.

  • 3rd Person (TPP) No Scope: 120-150%.
  • 1st Person (FPP) No Scope: 100-160%.
  • Red Dot, Holographic: 70-100%.
  • 2x Scope: 70-100%.
  • 3x Scope: 20-30%.
  • 4x Scope: 15-20%.
  • 6x Scope: 10-15%.
  • 8x Scope: 5-10%
ADS sensitivity settings

The ADS sensitivity settings come into play when players scope in to kill opponents.

  • TPP No scope: 80-100%.
  • FPP No scope: 70-100%.
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 50-70%.
  • 2x Scope: 30-60%.
  • 3x Scope: 30-50%.
  • 4x Scope: 25-30%.
  • 6x Scope: 20-25%.
  • 8x Scope: 10-15%

This is my 3 format simply see and duplicate on the off chance that control code dosen’t work.

Presently I will share my awareness setting screen capture beneath.

So this is my awareness settings sreenshot on the off chance that the code dosen’t work so satisfy you can coperate with this sreenshot.

In this article, I informed you concerning Best 4 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile so on the off chance that you like this article, most certainly share it with your companions. In the event that you are having any issue, you can perceive us by remarking beneath.

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